Monday, December 22, 2008

Stripers Forever: 2008 Survey Results

The annual Stripers Forever fishing survey is tabulated and the results show some disturbing facts:
  1. In 2008 59% of the anglers indicated that the quality of fishing for stripers was worse or much worse – down from 43% in 2007. Only 21% felt that it was improved, compared to 34% in 2007.
  2. (58%) reported the average size of the stripers they caught was declining, compared to a statistically similar 57% in 2007.
  3. Support for a slot limit to take the pressure off large breeders crept up two percentage points to 76%, a new high. Members in every state widely favored a slot limit in our survey. Many respondents cited the success of Texas and Florida, which employ both slot limits and game fish status to manage red drum and snook.
  4. An increasing number of professional fishing guides are reporting that their businesses are being adversely affected by the smaller number of striped bass generally available.

As for Stripers Forever's mission of game fish status for the striped bass, 87% of those surveyed want at least 50% of the commercial catch reserved for conservation – same as in 2007 - and not assigned to increased recreational bag limits. More facts and figures reside on the Stripers Forever Website. While you are visiting with them take a moment to take action.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for raising the awareness of the plight of our east coast wild striped bass. Although our managers pat themselves on their own backs with claims of a recovered fishery the facts tell us otherwise.

It is a threatened fishery in grave danger: mycobacteriosis which has only recently been found to be fatal to all infected fish, environmental pollution, the commercial slaughter of menhaden their primary prey fish, and the most damaging offender, overfishing, team up and point to an immediate need to take drastic action.

We can't wait for another collapse to awaken the fishery managers who are pressured by the commercial fishermen to allow/condone more and more exploitation.

The clear and most effective way to deal with this situation is to end commercial fishing for stripers and reduce the take in he recreational sector by instituting a slot limit.

Thanks to Stripers Forever for leading the fight to save the stripers