Thursday, December 04, 2008

Parrothead Leader Sighted at Outerbanks

Dear leader to the Parrot head clan (card carrying member here) and marketing genius, Jimmy Buffett was spotted paddling a prototype stand up fishing board off of the Carolina Coast. He describes the apparatus via a blog post at
Our “work” was more of a mission, which was to pick up, and test paddle the SUF(stand up fishing) board that Jimbo Meador and I had convinced Andy Zimmerman to build. Andy, had never surfed, but was an expert white water man and very successful kayak and canoe builder who was driving over from Greensboro, North Carolina to the beach and deliver the latest prototype hull to me for testing on my trip. The idea of the board was simple-to combine the uniqueness of two sports-stand up paddling and fly fishing on the flats. I had ridden Jimbo’s down on the Alabama Gulf Coast but now was getting my own.
Might just have to get me one of them for those red dawgin' trips with Gordon. I might even try to start a trend on Lake Norman. FYI if we have our info correct it looks like Andy Zimmerman that the Buffmeister mentions in his post is the guy behind Get:Outdoors of Greensboro, NC.


Fishing Jones said...

Don't think that would work in the East River.

Murdock said...

Yes, if you hit a body with that thing there is really not much protection.

Capt Gordon said...

There are probably plenty of other things floating around that you could probably ride on in the East River.