Monday, December 01, 2008

Featured Article: "Tying Trash Flies" by Brad Sprinkle

Brad Sprinkle is a teacher by trade and the Vice President of Asheville, North Carolina's Land O' Sky chapter of Trout Unlimited. Aside from being a skilled angler, Brad has gotten a reputation for tying some snazzy looking flies out of items that other folks might simply toss in the trash. He has been kind enough to share no less than eight of his "trash" patterns in one of this month's featured articles over at
"I found a set of broken headphones left behind in my classroom. My natural curiosity made me cut into them to see the wire. I found out that the wires inside head phones were different colors for each ear. One side was an interesting shade of red. I stripped it out and saved it for the bench."
After you try to guess what sort of everyday garbage the wings of this great looking fly are tied out of, click on over and check out "Trash Flies" by Brad Sprinkle. Follow his advice and you will be tying great looking flies, saving money and the planet, all at the same time.


Jarkko said...

Nice flie :)

Murdock said...


Be sure to check out the rest in the article. Some really cool ones.

teachrtec said...

Thank you all :)