Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Gift Guide: Jay Moore's Picks

Jay Moore is's Middle Tennessee Editor and general go to guy for all things fly fishy in The Volunteer State. An unrepentant Texan who found himself fly fishing Tennessee tail waters, Jay's unique picks show him to have excellent taste in both gear and fishing buddies. He writes:

My first item is Appleton Estate 21 Year old rum. I have a fondness for the islands and the drinks you can enjoy there. If you are into rum, this 21 year old beauty is for you. There is only a limited number of bottles produced each year and if you are lucky enough to find some please send me a bottle or two. MSRP around $89.

Something I really need this year is a new warm weather fishing hat and a Tilly LT6B is just what I am looking for. It looks great and lasts for years. Made out of breathable nylon, it's made to keep you cool and shaded while looking stylish. MSRP $74.00 at

I am not sure a man can have too many fly rods, and in case you agree, check out The Classic by Hexagraph fly rods in Kingwood, Texas. I have a Hexagraph rod that I fish with almost all the time. I have written a review about them before and The Classic is a step up from mine. It is the best looking fly rod I have seen and the fact it is made in my home state, makes it a must have for a Texas boy. When I get a spare $840.00 I might just pick one up.

Last but not least on my list this year are a couple of items from our friends at ExOfficio. Products from ExOfficio are not just clothes, they are technical gear for the serious outdoors person. The first thing that should be on every anglers wish list is an Air Strip Lite fishing shirt. The Air Strip is light weight , cool, and comfortable. They look great right out of the dryer and mine is nice enough to wear to work. MRSP $85.00

Something I never thought I would put on my list or write about is the famous ExOfficio Give and Go underwear. Our friend Sven gave us a sample at the show in Denver and I thought to myself, "How good can underwear get?" One month later I had six pair and I could use a few more. Most of you that know me know that I am watch a dollar closer than most. I am used to paying $5.99 for three pair in a bag form some Mart or another. The Give and Go boxers retail for $25.00 each and I can tell you that once you try them, you will pay the money and be glad you did.
While we must admit that, after that last item, we probably have a bit more information about Jay than we would like, we can certainly agree that Ex O makes some great gear from head to...well you get the picture. Stay tuned for more picks next week including the 2008 Editor's choice awards and perhaps even a few gear picks from the resident Trophy Wife.

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