Monday, November 24, 2008

Orvis to be Carbon Neutral by 2020

You probably already know that outdoor outfitter, Orvis is a major benefactor in the world of conservation. You may not however be aware of their efforts to lessen their own impact on the environment. A recent article via The Roanoke Times outlines some of those efforts.
Orvis has cut kilowatt-hour consumption of electricity by 39 percent, Rigney said, after shifting to more energy-efficient lighting.
And, its partnership with the Rescue Mission has reduced Orvis' landfill loads by "as much as 50 percent," he said.

"We have high standards for returning items to stock," he said.

Joy Sylvester-Johnson, the mission's chief executive officer, said the Orvis partnership has helped boost sales in the nonprofit's thrift store and provide clothes for its giveaway program. Donations from Orvis include clothes, fishing waders, dog beds and other products, she said.
If a clothing item is too far gone to wear, it becomes part of the mission's rags recycling business, she said.
James Hathaway, Manager of Communications and Conservation for Orvis is quoted as saying, "Our goal is carbon neutral by the year 2020."
A video about the story offers a glimpse into the Orvis shipping facility located in Roanoke.

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