Monday, October 20, 2008


Has anyone seen the new remastered DVD Tarpon?"I have not but the reviews are encouraging and I am looking forward to it. What got my attention was knowing that Thomas McGuane, a superb writer, is notably quoted in the film. I recently became familiar with his work from Terry Gibson,Shallow Water Angler Editor, and one of my favorite angling companions. After a long day poling the flats of south FL, while enjoying venison quiche and grilled duck, the conversation turned to good reads.Terry has never missed before on recommendations(last one was "No Country For Old Men") so I knew "Ninety-two in the Shade" by McGuane was going to be good. As a flats guide and one who spends as much time as possible in the referred waters, it was quite enjoyable. It is very vivid and descriptive, particularly that permit fight and run into the sure to check out the film and this book.
Capt.Paul Rose


Murdock said...

Cool post Paul. I haven't seen the DVD yet either but was thinking id enjoy it for the Buffet music as well as the fish porn.

Anonymous said...

I've seen it. Surprisingly good footage for a 20-yr old movie. Nice to see a well-made fishing movie without jump cuts and pounding music. Also, there is a somewhat bizarre digression into catch & release, which I understand was groundbreaking at the time. If you like McGuane's stuff, go to and search the vault. He has a couple tremendous old sports illustrated articles on saltwater fishing.


Thanks for the vault info.I will check it out.I am a junkie for old flyfishing articles and magazines.It is amazing what comes back around.