Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sight fishing when you can't see.

The past couple days have been pretty dreary around here. Cloudy, windy and some rain. So of course I went sight fishing in the shallows. The tides were right for low water fishing and the fish were there. We even caught some. So how do we see fish when the fish can't be seen? Usually we picture clear water, white sand bottom and sunny skies when we think of flats fishing. Around here we have almost none of that. The water can be quite murky due to the soft muddy bottom. The color of the mud is not conducive to seeing fish swimming over it and the sun has not been out for a while. Yet we spotted fish, casted to them and caught them. You have to be able to read the signs. Sometimes it is as obvious as a school of fish blowing up on shrimp and making huge wakes and waves all over. Other times it is as subtle as a single caudal fin just beneath the surface.

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Murdock said...

That picture says a lot G.