Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rivers of a lost coast

We just made friends with these guys through Facebook and I must say they had me at "and he pulls out a gun and he shoots the salmon."
So new their website isn't up and running yet Skinny Fist Productions has a new documentary about the early years of fly fishing for steelhead on California's North coast.
At the turn of the 20th century a handful of pioneers carried their fly rods into California’s remote north coast and gave birth to a culture that would revolutionize their sport. For a select few, steelhead fly fishing became an obsessive pursuit without compromise.
Leading the pack was the mythical, Bill Schaadt, an off-kilter angler famous for his ruthless pursuit to be “in the fish”. The new endeavor was littered with unchecked passions and bitter tears, where the last thing you did was bring someone new to the party.
By the early 1980’s the Golden State’s coastal fisheries found themselves caught in a spiraling decline. As California searched for it’s disappearing salmon and steelhead, these men foraged for their souls.
I couldn't get the trailer to embed in this post so here is a link via their Myspace page:
Bonus points for narration by Tom Skerritt. He's that guy from the famous movie... Top Gun


Anonymous said...

There are a few people who have actually seen the rough cut of the film and think it's phenomenal. So far it has been a huge hit with fishermen who have seen it.

Murdock said...

It looks very cool. Maybe they will float a few review copies around at some point and we can get a better look.

Kev2380 said...

Good stuff Murdok, do you have a facebook page as well?

Murdock said...

Yep Kev - I am the Lee Murdock from Huntersville, NC. I have a rainbow trout in my profile photo. Add me as a friend.