Saturday, October 25, 2008

More gill net pics

I went out last week with a good friend and we took these photos of a gill net left out at low tide:

Now you would think that anybody who labels himself a recreational fisherman or especially a fishing guide would be incensed by these photos of wasted redfish left out to waste in a gill net. The truth is that is a wrong assumption. I am amazed by people who are inshore fishing guides who really don't take a stand against this sort of thing. I really only know a couple of guides who are taking a stand and willing to speak out on this issue. Right now among guides who I consider to be fly fisherman there is Capt. Tom Roller and there is me. Surprised? You should be. What you would really be surprised by is the number of people who call themselves flyfishing guides who are not only NOT taking a stand against gillnetters, but some who actually support this outdated and wasteful practice. Ask questions. If you are going to the NC coast and hiring a guide, ask him point blank what he thinks of gillnetting. You may be surprised by the run around answers you receive.


Pete said...

It's disturbing that you are not just recycling old pictures of dead redfish you took once, but that you keep going out and taking new pictures of gil net distasters. It drives home the point that this is a common gil net experience, not a rare one. It's ugly to see.

Kev2380 said...

There is a member of the TFF TU group here in Raleigh that guides drum trips. His name is Dean Lamont.

Capt Gordon said...

Dean is one of the good guys.

Murdock said...

I think the reality is that this is something that is happening every day on the Carolina coast. To say that it isn't having an impact on populations is absurd.

North Carolina seems to be behind the curve on regulating this sort of thing.

What can we do Gordon?