Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Contributing Editor / Carp Guru: Capt. Paul Rose

FlyfishMagazine.com is pleased to announce the addition of Captain Paul Rose to our editorial staff.
Captain Rose is a noted Carolina fly fishing guide with over 25 years of experience in salt water and warm water fly fishing. Captain Rose is also known as one of the foremost experts in the growing sport of fly fishing for Carp. Paul's experience started in western PA fishing rivers and streams for trout and bass. Later he relocated to Austin, Texas where he quickly became addicted to the fast paced action, pinpoint casting, and large fish associated with salt water fly fishing.
Upon his later relocation to North Carolina to be closer to family, Captain Rose began looking for a way to use his salt water fly fishing skills near his new home. He soon discovered a readily accessible population of large, wary fish that were both plentiful and spooky enough to test even the most experienced salt water angler’s skills. This led him to start one of the Carolina’s only guide services dedicated to angling for “Carolina Bonefish” A.K.A. Carp on the fly rod.
Captain Paul Rose's insights on fly fishing in both salt and fresh water for a variety of species as well as his hints for anglers wishing to target carp will be available for readers of FlyfishMagazine.com via both feature articles and posts to the our blog.
Drop Paul a quick note via e-mail to
to find out what the heck he could possibly be thinking congratulate him on joining up with our merry band of fly fishers. Be sure to checkout his website http://www.carolinabonefishing.com/.

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