Thursday, September 18, 2008

FFR Show 2008: Patagonia Reception

Every year at the retailer show, the good folks at Patagonia put on a reception at their Denver store. We attend and always snap a few paparazzi pics along the way.

Bill Klyn - The guy behind Patagonia's World Trout Initiative and 1% for the Planet.

Steve Apple of Rollcast Productions and Fishizzle! fame gaves us the Al Braughtinwood update and let us know about his latest project.

"Get that camera out of my face," might have been heard as we spotted TC of Trout Underground infamy interviewing the movers and shakers of the fly fishing industry.

Even Trout Fish Bums have to eat. We spotted Chris Owens of AEG Media enjoying a tasty bite. There was no fermented Yak milk to be found.

Finally, we managed to snap this rare photo of two bloggers in their natural habitat, In this photo, taken from great distance via telephoto lens, we capture's Jay Moore and Trout Underground's Tom Chandler, sitting around the schwag pile and enjoying some gratis beverages.

Thanks to all the folks from Patagonia for a great evening. Patagonia is a company that really puts their money where their corporate values are when it comes to doing things correctly for the environment. Somehow Patagonia fly fishing gear guy Brian Bennett of Moldy Chum escaped our lens this time.

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The Trout Underground said...

Who knew the Underground was so damned handsome? In the absence of Murdock's Trophy Wife, I think I was the Bestest Looking person there.