Friday, September 26, 2008

Business trip

Tuesday afternoon I took a break from my day job to get in a little fishing with my friend Phil , Randy and Jackie from Honest Abe Log homes. Since we both had customers with us, this was strictly a business deal. Randy had some experience with a fly rod but this was Jackie's first experience. I intended to take a lot of pictures but we had some tangle issues that occupied my time. While we didn't catch any fish that required a photo, we did all manage to land some fish. The newcomers did a great job and we hauled in about 50 fish as a group. We caught rainbows, browns and brookies and some fish went 13-14 inches, but most were on the small side. Most of the fish were caught on midges and thin mints and we had a great time. All were returned to the river so we can try to catch them again next time. Thanks to Phil for setting up the trip and I think we all look foward to the next "business trip".


Kev2380 said...

Hey Murdock, you wrote awhile back about my wife giving me a fish cake before we were married. I was wondering if you mind me linking your blog to my blog.

Murdock said...

That sounds great Kev. I'll add a link from here as well


Murdock said...

So while I am sitting here working Jay is off fishing with his customers? If I didn't know where Jay worked I'd nominate him for this week's Jobs that probably dont suck award.