Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ahoy Captain...

We may have alluded the fact that we have been working on a few surprises here at One of the newest is the addition of a Saltwater Editor, Captain Gordon Churchill.

Captain Gordon has made a name for himself as the foremost shallow water fly fishing guide/specialist in the Carolina's. As you can see from the photo his favorite targets are large tailing reds. He has written several articles on the subject and leads the charge on several environmental issues that effect his home waters. Captain Gordon is such a knowledgeable and well liked guy that, save for those pictures we have in the safe deposit box, we can't for the life of us figure out why he would hang out with us. Whatever the reason we are darn lucky to have him around. Keep an eye out for his blog posts and articles in the near future.

Check out his website and blog and take ten seconds to drop him a line and sign up for his email newsletter. If you find yourself headed to the Cape Lookout/Morehead City/ Beaufort/Emerald Isle area book a trip with him. You won't be sorry.


Pete said...

Excellent. We like all things salt, and we (the editorial we) generally take interest in what Capt. Gordon has to say, so good work.

Murdock said...
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Murdock said...


I'll agree with you. I lucked out on this one. Now to get the new website up and running in such a way as to showcase these guys properly.

Btw-I could always use someone talented to cover the NY/FL beat if you ever feel so inclined. Consider it a standing invite. We could use some real editorial guidance around these parts.


Pete said...

Would I have access to the corporate jet?

Capt Gordon said...

There's a corporate jet?

Murdock said...'s in the shop..yeah that's it... the shop.. that's the ticket. How about beer?