Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jay Moore: Tenn. Tailwater Slam

While we were out carping Middle Tennessee Editor, Jay Moore was busy catching.

Saturday Aug. 16th I had the opportunity to fish the Caney Fork river in Middle Tn. The Caney has become even more popular since the introduction of brook trout to the river this year. People are coming from all over for the chance to catch a brown, a rainbow, and a brookie all in the same day. Saturday was the first time since February that I could fish my favorite spot before generation.
When I got to the river it was still dark, so I tied on a size twelve thin mint by the light of the cargo lamp on my truck and carefully made my way out to a fallen tree that has always produced fish. Before it was light enough to change flies, I had hooked and landed 15 fish. The first three were a brown, brook, and a rainbow in that order. I would like to think I planned it that way, but it was just dumb luck. The brook trout are growing rapidly and are a blast to catch. If you have never caught a brookie, you can expect a lot of jumps and tail walking and in general, a good fight despite their size.
I ended up with 43 fish landed in a little over three hours of fishing. All were caught on a thin mint or a size 16 zebra midge in black or blue. That's the most I have ever hauled in in one day. By 9:30 the water was coming up and it was time for me to go. In middle Tn. we are truly fortunate to have access to some beautiful rivers and some great fishing. If you ever come this way, look me up and we'll give it a try.

J. H. Moore

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