Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alaska Week: Just how close to Russia are we?

We thought things would be safer the further we got from Atlanta but then we find out that Russian Bombers are making runs along the Alaska coast in what Condoleezza Rice calls a "dangerous game" in a recent Kansas Article.
"We've had Russian strategic aviation challenging in ways they haven't, even along our borders with the United States, which I might note is a very dangerous game and perhaps one that I suggest the Russians want to reconsider. This is not one that is cost-free," Rice said.
And we thought our trip would only involve fish and wildlife. Now we have to be prepared to go all Swayze at a moment's notice. The Editorial Trophy Wife would certainly make a hotter (post rhino) Jennifer Grey.....


Capt Gordon said...

I loved Jennifer Grey with her real nose. I hated her after the nose job.

fly gear said...

man I used to love red dawn!