Monday, July 28, 2008

Stop the Redfish Slaughter

North Carolina Redfish guru, Captain Gordon Churchill, is getting tired of seeing the result of unattended gill netting on Carolina inshore waters. He has formed a Facebook group to help the word out about the destruction these nets are causing to the fishery.

We need everybody to get involved and start making some noise because if we don't nothing will get done. Pass this cause along to as many people as you can. I am not collecting money at this point because I have no place for it to go. But it we can just get a lot of people to join it will show the number involved. Then contact your local legislators and tell them how you feel about this. An email may do it but a phone call is better. Go ahead and call NC DMF and pass along your feelings to the director, Dr Louis Daniels. We have to do this so our kids will be able to go out in a skiff and have a chance to actually catch a fish or three.

Take a moment, join up with his group, and help get the word out. Folllow the link below to sign up. It's free and only takes a few seconds.

Getting a large group of like minded anglers together in one place is the first step towards making a real difference.

Learn more about Capt. Gordon here.

Photo: Capt. Gordon

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Capt Gordon said...

Thanks, Every bit helps.