Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jobs that probably do not suck...

Today while taking in the view of the graveyard out my office window and working on a seemingly endless power point presentation about DSO and risk etc. I couldn't help but allow my mind to wander to the subject of jobs that probably don't suck.

Today we honor Jose Wejebe and his job as host of television's The Spanish Fly. This guy has what may be the best title for a fishing show ever, a laid back demeanor, builds airplanes in his spare time, and fishes all over the world. Jose, today we lift our tepid cup of coffee in your honor and realize that we probably need to go fishing very badly very soon.

Nominate your own person who has a "job that probably doesn't suck" via the comments.

photo via SpanishFlyTV.com (we hope Jose doesn't mind us using it)


Anonymous Gurl said...

For an office job, mine TOTALLY doesn't suck.

75% of my job requirement is to SURF THE INTERNET looking for outdoor stories - hunting, fishing, camping, products, people... You name it, I'm looking for it.

And the other 25%? I am the associate producer of a couple of outdoor shows (radio and television). Associate producer = all the fun, without the stress of being the boss. :)

Murdock said...

Anon Gurl,

Glad you found us and are getting paid for it. Any openings?

Anonymous Gurl said...

Openings? Many people wish, but we're a small, small business.

Now wouldn't it be better if I actually hunted and fished? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey.....you better watch what you say. we work for the same company. I have saved you recent comments on sucking for future favors.

Ali aka Sultan of Stripe

Murdock said...

Hey Sultan,

Aren't you going to Alaska on business soon? Your job most certainly does not suck.

Capt Gordon said...

I can't believe you actually asked a "gurl" if she had any openings you could fill... and nobody else got it! There must be something wrong with me.

Murdock said...


On a comment about a post having to do with Spanish Fly no less. This should get all kinds of traffic from Google....hmmmm

Also, I'm trying to talk Pete into making the 5 hr drive from Charlotte to your neck of the woods.

And for the record from what I can tell your job does not suck either. I should hand out trophies or something..

Murdock said...

oh and "any positions" would have been just as bad or worse.

Capt Gordon said...

Pete and I have gone back and forth. He can fly to New Bern for what it probably would cost in gas to drive.

Murdock said...

We plan to fish somewhere, just depends on how much time he has.