Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wolves in Salmon's clothing?

We received an interesting heads up from the folks fighting against the Pebble Mine project at the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska. It's a copy of an ad allegedly being shopped to outdoor publications. The ad is sharp looking with pretty fish and a conservation message. However, anyone giving it more than a glance will notice that it is not all that it appears to be. It seems the folks behind the project are taking a page from the SAA's media playbook and attempting to purchase pro-Pebble ad space in publications aimed directly at hunters and anglers.

The purported ad (see the leaked photo above) states that Alaska is home to healthy fish and wildlife populations and also to one of the world's most important mineral (be sure to get enough vitamins and gold in your cereal boys and girls) discoveries. It also goes on to say that any final decisions on the project are years away but their commitment to fish and wildlife is already firmly in place.

Scott Hed, Director of the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaksa, wasn't exactly surprised by this latest development. "They understand the clout that sportspersons have, and they are obviously concerned that we’ve been doing such a good job bringing this issue onto the radar screens of so many hunters and anglers." Mr. Hed continued to remind his fellow sportsmen and women that, "We must counter any attempts to cloud the fact that what is being proposed in Bristol Bay would forever change one of the most incredible places for fish and game on the planet – and not for the better."

In our opinion, the real story here will be which, if any, "outdoor" publication chooses to accept the ad.

Be sure to remember the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska's Bristol Bay charity ebay auction. Lots of great gear, great prices, and a worthy cause.

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Capt Gordon said...

I can almost guarantee that Outdoor Life will run it. They are over run with the "WIse Use" idiots there. I stopped even glancing at it on the newstand because of their ridiculous policies.

Murdock said...

Captain G,

Good to hear from you! I can't wait to see if anyone picks it up. Let me know if you see the ad in the wild.

On another note, how are the redfish down your way?