Monday, June 16, 2008

Team USA Helps CEO's Get Out of The Office

From the world of FIPS Mouche comes an announcement that Fly Fishing Team USA has partnered with CEO Challenges, the world leader in sport competition for CEO's, to develop a series of fly fishing challenges for CEO's.
The CEO Fly Fishing Challenge will span three days and include four fishing sessions of competition. Two sessions will be held on the lake and two in a drift boat on the river. Each session will be three hours. Following a scoring system established by the International Federation of Sport Fly Fishing, Buchner has outlined the technical aspect of this competition, including reels, leaders, lines, rods and flies. Angler catches are scored on number and size of fish caught and measured. A “Controller” waits nearby to measure the fish before it is released back into the water. For the drift boat rounds, competitors will be two to a boat, accompanied by a guide/controller who is not allowed to provide advice during the competition.
“This is a special competitive program designed for CEO anglers to test their skills, learn from some of the best anglers in the world, and give back to the sport,” said Ted Kennedy, owner of CEO Challenges. “In addition to competing, Challenge participants will hear from Team USA members who will be on hand to offer instructive tips.”
Not just any CEO will qualify, as they must have at least 2 million in revenue for admittance into the competition. Exceptions will be made for C-Suite executives of companies doing at least 4 million in business per year or other celebs.
The good news for the team is that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to team USA in their bid for a 2008 World Championship. Entry fees are $3,700 per CEO and $400 for guests.
In other news, in the much under reported absence of a national championship series this year, plans continue to go forward for the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team to host a series of challenges against members of team USA on Carolina waters. The team is currently seeking sponsors for what has been dubbed the "Rumble in the Rhododendron, 2008." If interested contact the Editor and we will pass the information along.

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