Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sierra Trading Post: Redington Fly Rod $29.50

Redington Crosswater Rod - 2-Piece

You are a nice guy. You always want to help out. You learned how to share in kindergarten. You would give someone the shirt off your back right? As nice as you are, you just have to draw the line when it comes to lending out your prized fishing gear. You hate yourself for being selfish and you realize the importance of taking kids fishing, but you'd sooner share your best girl than let that bumbling teenager down the street borrow Grandpa's cane fly rod with the agate stripping guide.
What you need is a good back up / loaner rod. One that casts like a dream but costs so little that you don't mind if it ends up under Junior's felt clad feet. Sierra Trading Post has just the ticket. A Redington Crosswater Two Piece fly rod for only $29.50. Think of it as an investment in unselfishness and an insurance policy for your favorite gear.
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