Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Save Patagonia

The younger, much cooler, Murdock (my son) dropped me an email postcard today from the BioGems website. He has been following our coverage of the Pebble Mine issue (and sports a No Pebble Mine pin on his school backpack) and wanted to remind us of another issue going on South of the Equator in Patagonia. He remembers those rivers he saw in the original Trout Bum Diaries I video and was rightly concerned by what he read.
Today, though, two energy companies, Endesa and Colbun, are pushing to build hydro-electric dams on at least half a dozen rivers in Patagonia. The scheme would lay waste to this thriving region, flooding thousands of acres of irreplaceable wildlife habitat. As part of the same plan, Brookfield Consortium, a Canadian company, would clearcut a 1,400-mile swath through five national parks and two wilderness reserves to make way for the world's largest transmission line.
I also pointed him to our friends at Patagonia (the company) who are also involved in this fight. Here is a link to their page about the issue.

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