Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gear: Icon A5 Float Plane

It flies, can land on water, and (with the wings folded) fits on a trailer to be easily towed behind the corporate Tundra. At $139,000, if we hit the lottery, the Icon A5 might add a whole new dimension to our fly fishing day trips. Note fly fishing target marketing in the press photo above.
We await one for review purposes. Reserve yours now for a deposit of $5,000


Alistair said...

Should make dropping the old ball n' chain off at the shops a breeze when you are on the way to the fishing - even quicker if you give her a parachute!

Murdock said...

Now if only they would add mid air refueling capability to it then we could meet up and fish the Kelvin.

Alistair said...

You have legs dammit !!! Swim the rest of the way!