Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bamboo: Edward Salad Hands

We are posting these items in homage to our friend Tom Chandler over at the Trout Underground. Tom regularly posts about all things bamboo so we naturally thought about him when we came across the website. Judging from the following quote on their site, they leave little doubt that the business is be owned by anglers.
We have been bitten by the "bamboo bug". We don't know why but it seems everyone involved in bamboo is so passionate about it - it must be contagious. Bamboo is such a beautiful and useful plant, not to mention an ecologically friendly material.
The items pictured above were designed to toss veggies but we can picture our angling brothers using a set of these "Edward Salad Hands" to cradle a giant wild brown trout. We can only imagine that using bamboo mits to handle your trout will propel your fishing karma to even higher levels than thought possible in your graphite past. Just be sure to wet them first.

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