Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time for a National Fishing License?

With anglers traveling more and more in search of fishy pursuits has the time finally arrived for a national fishing license? We recently received an email from David Grace of, a group dedicated to starting a grass roots movement for just that purpose.
Our proposal would offer a cost effective alternative. If you were licensed in your home state, you would be eligible to purchase the National License. For $110.50, you could fish any state in the Union so if, on your vacation to America’s west, you fished California (7 days), Oregon (4 days) Washington (6 days) Nevada (4 days) Idaho (7 days) Utah (7 days) and Colorado ( 6 days) you would save over $300.00 Now consider the old guy at work who just retired. He and his wife not only love to fish, but they are one of the 20,000,000 RV enthusiasts who live in the US and they plan to spend months each year, traveling and fishing. Would a National License be important to them? You bet it would.
In the past few years I have purchased my resident North Carolina license, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, and Florida non-resident multi-day (SC salt from shore doesn't require one)permits so I would say a 110.50 national permit could make sense for me. Couple it with a travel rod and some of my business trips might just take a bit longer to complete. You don't know how many times I have scoped out a likely looking pond or ditch only to be rebuffed due to my lack of a handy license agent or Internet connection.
To read more about the movement for a National Fishing License visit the website. Also check out their handy table of fishing license fees across the fruited plain.

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