Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have had it with these $#%^ snakes...

According to WRAL.com of Raleigh, NC a cobra has been sighted in the lowland woods of Cumberland County. This would not normally be news in these parts, however this particular cobra was reported to be eight feet long and was not made by the Ford Motor Company.

Vernon Byrd was on an all-terrain vehicle in a field off Johnson Road last Tuesday when he said an 8-foot-long snake reared up beside him – and the serpent's head was about shoulder high to him.
"I caught something out of my eye, and this snake comes up beside me and looked at me," Byrd said. "I've seen every kind of snake in this part of the country, but I've never seen a snake like this."
He called Freddie Mims, a licensed wildlife rescue agent, who said the description of the snake sounded like a king cobra, the world's largest poisonous snake.

Either Vern is prone to hitting the sauce or one of the fellows at nearby Fort Bragg brought a souvenir back from his last visit to Southeast Asia. I am leaning towards the latter as the more plausible explanation. Either way a change of undergarments would certainly be in order.

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