Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gear: OTB - Boots for Anglers, Navy SEALS

Anglers are beginning to wonder what might be hiding deep in those felt soles we've all been lugging from stream to stream for the past few years. According to recent science your wading boots might just be providing home to a splinter cell of rock snot or worse. No self respecting fly flinger wants to be the guy who gives all the rainbow trout in his home water a bad case of scoliosis. We also realize that it's important that your gear give you a tactical advantage over the rest of your fellow anglers.

OTB Boots are designed for Navy SEALs and are perfect for anglers looking to ditch the felt in favor of "Tactical Rubber Technology for superior silent traction on both wet and dry surfaces." The boots soles have tiny holes in them that allow water to drain while keeping sand and gravel out. You can bet that these boots will grip the slipperiest moss covered rocks while allowing you sneak up on your fishing buddies quarry, allowing you to get the drop on them and remain dry.

After all, who ever saw a Navy SEAL slip and fall in a river...and lived to tell about it?


Randy Kadish said...

Thanks. These boots look great. I'm going to check them out.

thebigandyt said...

they sound like a good buy. the amount of times i've gone down while walking on a grass bank is scary