Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gear: Be a Patriot - Buy a Toon!

One of our all time favorite purchases has been our personal pontoon boat from Water Skeeter. Owning one of these versatile craft has opened up a whole new world of fly fishing for us. That's why we were excited to see this Water Skeeter Lo Profile Pontoon Boat on sale at Sierra Trading Post for 30% off it's normal retail price of $795. At $549.95 it comes in just enough under the amount of your economic stimulus check to allow you some gas money for an actual fishing trip or two (or maybe flowers for the wife if she finds out you spent the check).

Rowing is great exercise so you won't need a gym membership any longer. It will even break down into a package perfectly sized to fit into the back of your Prius. Consider your purchase to be doing your part to stimulate the economy and working for a greener planet, all the while getting rid of the love handles.

Closeouts. Water Skeeter's Lo Profile pontoon boat is a great first boat that takes you way back in the sticks. Super portable and super sneaky, you'll enjoy its lightweight and intelligent design.

Accessories include:
Fixed seat
Cargo pockets
Mesh stripping baskets-utility trays
Aluminum rod holders
50' 10mm anchor rope
Four pully anchor system
Capacity: 350 lb.
Size: Approx. 8-½x4-½’/
Weight: 62 lb.
Aluminum frame
Double-coated PVC pontoons
Aluminum-fiberglass oars
Steel motor mounts and gear racks
Closeouts. China.
Pump not included

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