Monday, May 19, 2008

The Fat Trout Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Because fly fishing for trout and drinking go hand in hand.

What distillery does The Fat Trout come from? In the world of angling, it is one thing you don’t brag about. That is where the good angling spots are. Cork does not want to tell what distillery the Lowland comes from, this has to do with bottling contracts and such, but they admit that it has been bottled by reputable independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, but that doesn’t help us identify the distillery. That said, the number of operating Lowland distilleries are quite few, and those producing today are Auchentoshan, Bladnoch and Glenkinchie. Of course there are stock of shut down distilleries around, for instance St. Magdalene and Rosebank, but since The Fat Trout retails at such a good price, it seems unrealistic that it could be rare whiskies like these. We leave it at this, even though we think it is slightly (very) annoying for a connoisseur not to know the distillery.


The Trout Underground said...

No, fly fishing causes drinking. At least I'm pretty sure...

Murdock said...
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Murdock said... that you metion it I haven't been drinking nearly enough.