Friday, May 02, 2008

Coming to a river near you: Filson Waders

Our operatives in the field have confirmed reports that the long awaited Filson waders are slated to hit the outfitter's shelves later this month. We got our first look at these during the 2007 Fly Fishing Retailer Show. According to the company the waders will have many features that Filson's customers have come to expect from the rugged brand.

Filson Stockingfoot Waders, featuring a proprietary five-layer construction, are waterproof, breathable and salt water resistant. Performance elements include a gusseted crotch and articulated knees for freedom of movement, outer leg seams for greater durability, neoprene booties to accommodate a large range of foot sizes and Mackinaw wool lined handwarmer pockets. The suspenders are removable for quick conversion to waist-high waders with a removable belt and drawstring top closure. Classic Filson design elements include bridle leather trim and Filson brass snaps on the mesh front pocket.

In honor of Filson's entry into this product line, they have announced that 1% of the proceeds from the sale of these waders will be donated to the American Rivers Wild and Scenic River Campaign.

"Filson customers will be wearing our new waders on the many rivers protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act," said Bill Kulczycki, president and CEO of Filson. "It is our responsibility to preserve the wild places where our customers play."

Proceeds from Filson’s initiative will be utilized by American Rivers to support its Wild and Scenic River campaign which increases the protection of the nation’s most outstanding rivers through Wild and Scenic designations.

Watch for more developments on these and other Filson products in the near future. Chances are favorable that we might be able to get our hands on a set of these for a proper field test on our soon to be announced summer wilderness excursion (hint: it's to visit a state in the union that Filson products are designed for specifically). If so an extensive report will be sure to follow.

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