Friday, May 23, 2008

Bear Grylls Stocks Trout

From comes a report that Everest climber and T.V. survival guy, Bear Grylls, took time out to help a group of primary school children stock trout in an area river.
All 30 children in Class 5 took it in turns to fish the 40 young trout out of a bucket and drop them in the river, helped by television survival expert Bear Grylls, who was invited by children at the school to join them. “It’s brilliant to encourage the kids to understand about nature and the cycle of life, after they have seen the fish grow,” he said. “A lot of what I do with survival is eating fish when they’re much bigger, and that’s all part of the cycle. I know some of the kids here, so that’s why I got involved.”
In our warped minds this act of salmonid kindness officially absolves Mr. Grylls of any issues that he might have had with hotel stays or bear suits in the past.

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FoulHooked said...

Nothing absolves Mr. Grylls. He's an entertaining hack obsessed with self-glorification. That's about it. It was a very nice gesture of the students to invite him though.

“A lot of what I do with survival is eating fish when they’re much bigger..."

Supermarket survival?

All in fun...but seriously...

Murdock said...

Les? Is that you?

Just kidding. I suppose after room service the night before he can afford to eat only the bigger fish.

Murdock said...


Added a sidbar link to your blog!