Monday, April 28, 2008

ESPN's Don Barone: Bass Dreams

Don Barone of ESPN Outdoors has a new article out. This time he is chasing bass with a fly rod while hanging out with Fred Wilson. Fred is an angler who isn't afraid to pick up the long rod during a bass tournament or two. Don puts him to the test by bringing along a novice fly angler and an accomplished professional bass fisherman.
Both Rich and Ken are listening to what Fred is saying. Rich is new to fly fishing and is pretty much getting a five-hour lesson, Ken has fly fished before, and is buying some of what Fred is say, but not all of it: "If I was going to try this, and I'm not recommending anyone do it in a tournament, but for fun fishing, I would do it in the summertime when I could throw some topwater."
Fred just smiles.
You can tell he's heard it before, "I been laughed at, sumthin'-sumthin' this or that ... I know I'm compulsive, but I'm telling you if you want an advantage over the guy in the next boat, fly fishing for bass will give you that advantage."
Read Don's entire article via ESPN Outdoors. Don's commentary on fishing licenses is priceless.

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