Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fly Fishing April Fool's Day Posts We'd Enjoy

If you are reading this blog or others of its ilk then obviously you are far too smart to be hooked by the typical April Fool's Day blog posting. Since we didn't have time to put the work into it that some others on the net do, we decided to forgo the trickery and skip ahead to a few April Fools Day Headlines we would particularly enjoy seeing:
Rare Breed of Fresh Water (insert tropical gamefish of your choice Tarpon, Peacock Bass etc.)to be Stocked in Carolina Lakes.
In a "perfect storm" of subprime mortgages and housing bubbles the Federal government siezes all private trout streams as part of a massive bail out and opens them as national parks.
Michael Jackson announces bid to purchase Spring Ridge Club. Present owner staying on as "personal" assistant.

Bamboo declared over-priced invasive grass, graphite is for pencils, fiberglass only rod for true purist. Eagle Claw stock at all time high.
In what can only be equated to the days of the Internet bubble, venture capitalist's fervently seek out fly fishing bloggers in blatant move to dispose of excess capital. Burn rates thought to be at their highest since 90's.
We know you can do much better - Leave your own April Fool's Day headline in the comments.

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