Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Orvis Helios Wins Field & Stream's Best of the Best

For the second year in a row Orvis has taken Field and Stream Magazine's award for best fly rod. The Orvis ZG Helios fly rod, which is known for light weight and castability, marks a true innovation in the world of high end fly rods.

From their press release:

While noting the gains Orvis made in creating the world's lightest fly rod, Field & Stream editors were equally impressed by the added distance and accuracy a Helios rod gives to one's cast:

"We tried to break it on big fish, but couldn't. We cast everything from dry flies to big streamers. It dropped midges on the money in ponds and busted foam hoppers through heavy winds, proving to be responsive and accurate on the light side, and burly in the down-and-dirty.

"And it cast well. In fact, we observed 10-to20-foot distance gains unfurl within a few casts for almost everyone. A 5-weight feels like a 3-weight; a 10-weight feels like an 8-weight. In the end, we were convinced you get what you pay for, and we couldn't quite say that about some other rods."

Read the entire release.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Lee...

Now get out of the office!!


Murdock said...

No Problem James. I wish I could ditch the office today? You Orvis types all work remotely from bamboo laptops on the banks of trout streams, right?

Anonymous said...

How did you know?? You have been talking to Chandler.