Monday, February 25, 2008

North Carolina Fly Fishing Team Practice

More than twenty members of the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team met this weekend for a practice session on the waters of the Davidson River near Brevard, North Carolina. Davidson River Outfitters operates a private section of the blue ribbon river and made it available to the team for the day. This was also the team's media event so reporters from several media outlets spent quality time with the team and some large trout. Several team members were interviewed by members of the media during the practice session

Things are picking up for the team as several members prepare for the upcoming Pisgah Fly Masters tournament which will be held in late March. Stay tuned for more information about the team in the near future.

Editor's note: The lack of serious fish porn from this event is due to editorial camera malfunction and not entirely due to the fact that the fishing was so good we failed to take very many photos.


Jack Salmon said...

Ryan Harman signed up as a guide on and the business they work for is not listed. Here is what they entered: NC Fly Fishing Team.

If you know who the right person is to get this info to can you send it for me?


Murdock said...


Ryan will be in touch. I spoke to him today.