Sunday, January 06, 2008

Want places to fish? Send Fruit! reports about an effort by anglers to say thanks to landowners who allow public fishing access in the state's steelhead water.

A cooperative effort between Gem City Outdoorsmen Club/Fly-Tiers, Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Pennsylvania Steelhead Association distributed 40 fruit baskets to various families who own land along the steelhead creeks as a way of showing their appreciation for allowing fishing on their lands.

"They were fruit baskets, they had all different kind of fruit, nuts, grapes," said Jim Sharpe, a director of the Pennsylvania Steelhead Association. "They were $26 apiece for the baskets. We bought 40 baskets. And what we did was deliver them to landowners that have property along all the tributaries, every tributary. What we did this year was try to hit the spots that got the most angler coverage."

Saying thank you to land owners (in addition to picking up trash and respecting their property) is an excellent idea that can go a long way towards keeping streams open to public fishing.

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