Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tying the Double Bugger

Early in 2007, North Carolina Fly Fishing team member Josh Almond, gave us a heads up about some monster bass near his home town. Now he has put together a tutorial showing how to tie a fly that just might do the trick to nail one of those big bucket mouths this spring, the Double Bugger.

Step 1: Start your thread

Step 2: wrap some lead for extra weight if needed.

Step 3: Tie in your marabou for a tail (tip: try to keep tips even. Do Not cut your marabou tips!)

Step 4: After you tie in your tail, find a saddle feather and tie it in by its tip. After that tie in, dub, wrap or create your creative.

Step 5: Palmer the saddle forward, stroking each fiber back as you go...whip finish. You're now halfway finished!

Step 6: Remove finished rear half from vise and grab a new hook. Tie on some barbell eyes.

Step 7: Cut a section of 12# flourocarbon create a loop through the eye of the rear fly. Thread 2 plastic, metal or tungsten beads onto the line, this will prevent fouling of the hooks.

Step 8: Now tie in the mono loop to the Lead fly, i like to add a drop of superglue to make sure the mono won't pull out.

Step 9: Repeat the steps to create rear fly, whip finish.

Step 10: Check out your finished fly

Step 11: or get even more creative add rubber legs!

Most important: Have fun and catch some fish on it! Be sure to cut of the lead hook, the trailer is all you need on these buggers!

Josh's hard work has earned him an item from our bag of schwag. Josh will receive a lovely fly box. Hopefully he will fill it up and return it to us.

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