Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TU vs ATVs?

A curious article on the Vail Daily website talks about support from both hunters and all terrain vehicle owners alike, (at least some of them) that would propose fines for people who ride their ATV's where they shouldn't. The curious thing is that the quoted comment in the article is from a Trout Unlimited representitive.

Dave Petersen, a bow hunter who lives near Durango, said he saw plenty of elk on a scouting trip in August.

When he returned with his bow a few days later, Petersen didn't find any elk but he saw tracks from the ATV he figures scared them away."It completely ruined my hunting trip, and that just happens all the time," said Petersen, who works on off-road issues for the conservation group Trout Unlimited.

Personally, I would hate to see ATV's running up and down my favorite trout stream or have to endure their engine noise while trying to thread a size 22 midge.

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