Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thursday Fly Fishy Cage Match

As you can tell we here at FlyFishMagazine are feeling a bit combative today. All of our posts today pit something vs. something else. In keeping with that theme we point of some of the more competitive posts from our blogging pals:
We start with Buster Wants to Fish vs Fly Fisherman's web forum. Let's just say Buster takes aim at the notion that magazine articles don't contribute to fishing pressure. (We never give away the good spots).
Next we move to Pete from Fishing Jones vs our old nemesis, fly tying. "I'm considering selling off my vise or smashing it into pieces with a ball peen hammer and taking up something a little less engrossing, like mastering super string theory." We feel your pain.
Over at Trout Underground it is Tom vs the Kalmath Dam, and then after that, Citigroup who lost 10 Billion last year and according to Tom should have "just gone fishing."
Finally our friends from Moldy Chum pit Cabela's vs Orvis in their 2008 Fly Fishing Catalog Smackdown post. "Best use of Neoprene - Cabela's -Because everyone loves a chick in neoprene."


Tom Chandler/Trout Underground said...

"Save a Salmon, Eat A Dam"

Murdock said...

You should sell t-shirts!