Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looking at water

My wife just doesn't understand why I always feel compelled to look at water. Many times as we drive down a road that just happens to be running along the bank of a small stream or river, I have to be reminded to keep my eyes on the road and not glued to the creek to our left or right. Often she will ask, "What do you expect to see? A trout at 60 mph?." She will be the first to tell you that punctuality is often sacrificed for the sake of stopping to look off bridges or explore paths behind buildings in search of likely fishable water.

More often than not there is no fly rod in the car and no trout, bass, or carp are in easy reach. Why then all this stopping (or swerving) to look at rivers? I think a river holds the same eye appeal to the angler that a mysterious and beautiful woman presents to the eye of a young man. They catch your eye from a distance but upon closer inspection you realize that there is a lot more involved than you anticipated at first glance. Like a woman, a river deserves a bit of study before one wades in.

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