Friday, January 11, 2008

Jay Moore catches fish, decries editorial fishing advice

Saturday Jan. 5th I got the opportunity to try the Caney Fork river in Middle Tn. I was fishing by myself this trip and got to the river about 20 minutes before sunrise. It was cold, overcast and rain was in the forecast, in other words, perfect conditions to have the river mostly to myself.
I tied a size 20 zebra midge on with the help of my headlights and headed to my favorite spot. I tied the small midges the night before because my editor refers to the flies (midges) I typically use as freakishly large. I hooked up with two nice trout very quickly and had a few strikes then the activity stopped. I switched to a woolly bugger and landed two more fish, but the action could not be described as hot and heavy. After two hours and four fish I switched back to my trusty size 16 (editor's note: they look more like 12's to me) zebra midge that I tie with a copper wrap. I was drifting the midge beneath a grasshopper dry fly and things changed quickly. With this set up I was able to reach the fish holding in the shallow waters near the banks and to make a long story short; an hour and a half and twenty four more fish, I loaded up my gear including my freakish flies and headed to the recliner.
I’ll take a 30 fish day anytime even if I am fishing with all the wrong flies.


Glock said...

I have unfortunatley never been fly fishing. I absolutley want to but have never found the time or the buddies that want to go. I have always just stuck with ice fishing.

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Have fun.

Murdock said...

Glock you should give it try sometime. I have always wanted to try ice fishing myself. I suppose fly fishing would work for ice fishing too but you have to be really accurate to hit the hole in the ice from accross the river.