Monday, January 14, 2008

ebay Watch: Rainbow Trout Cremation Urn

For the angler who has everything but still can't take it with him, we have locatd this handcrafted, trout emblazoned, porcelain cremation urn.
Rainbow trout swim around this porcelain urn. The scene has been high fired after airbrushing and is a permanent part of the finish.
This 200 cubic inch urn is intended for the complete remains on one adult. It has been created by ceramic artists, David and Suzanne Enna and signed. It is 10" high and 7" in diameter. The lid lifts off and can be sealed with a hardware variety silicone sealer. It comes with felt on the bottom and a heavy plastic bag for holding the remains inside the urn. This urn meets the accepted standards of the funeral industry and is appropriate for burial or display.
Buy it now priced at $189.


Fly Fishing Tips said...

Great idea for a Fly Fishing Guy to take with him on his last trip.

Gaizka said...

When there comes the hour of my last flycast, this urn me will be ideal.
You have a nice blog
Thanks and cheers from Spain

Murdock said...

Thanks for the comments:

Gaizka, Welcome and glad to have you with us. Keep in touch and let us know about fly fishing in Spain!

Maria Jon said...

yea its a great idea about fly Fishing Guy to take with him Cremation urns