Monday, January 28, 2008

DVD Review: Equilibrium - The Last Frontier

Recently we received a copy of Castaway Films short film "Equilibrium - The Last Frontier." Equilibrium's producer Dr. Grant Wiswell seeks to tell the story of the Bristol Bay region of Alaska and the fight to prevent open pit gold mining operations in the home of the largest salmon run in the world.
In addition to the magnificent scenery one comes to expect from any film about Alaska, the film's maker enlists such fly fishing notables as Gary Loomis and Gary Borger to tell the story of both the region's fishery and the danger it faces if mining operations are allowed to go forward.
The highlight of the film for the fly fisher comes in the footage of massive native rainbow trout and huge numbers of giant salmon. In this remote region anglers compete for real estate only with grizzly bear.
Watching the beauty of this unspoiled place is almost enough to make you forget about the danger the fishery faces in the event mining operations are allowed to go unchecked. Dr. Wiswell snaps us back to reality ending with a sobering presentation of how things just might be if we allow the quest for precious metal to invade one of the earth's last great unspoiled areas.
Equilibrium - The Last Frontier is available from Castaway Films for $20.00. The film has been selected for inclusion in the 2008 AEG Media Fly Fishing Film Tour and is endorsed by the Federation of Fly Fishers.

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