Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sabbatical anyone?

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the concept of the sabbatical is making a come back as a way to prevent burn out on the job.

When Cindy Russell, a 47-year-old paralegal with Alters, Boldt, Brown, Rash & Culmo in Miami, approached her boss about taking a four-week sabbatical in June, she elaborated on how she plans to decompress and why. Russell will go fly-fishing in the South Pacific.

"I put in long hours when preparing for trials," she said. She sold her boss on how the longer break -- some of it unpaid -- will allow her to escape and come back refreshed. "I'm not going to be sitting at home trying to get my to-do list done."

Sounds like something I could get used to. Now to start working on the boss.

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