Thursday, December 13, 2007

Proposed Changes to NC Fishing Regulations

Tony Robinson of has some excellent coverage of proposed changes to North Carolina fishing regulations that would define both artificial and natural bait.

Many of the state’s trout waters are classified as single-hook artificial-lure fishing only. The problem that has amplified in recent years is the fact that the law does not define or specify exactly what an artificial lure is. The proposal is to define what artificial lures and natural bait are when used in designated public mountain trout waters.An artificial lure would be defined as a lure that does not contain or has had applied any substance that attracts fish by taste or smell. Natural bait would be defined as any living or dead organism (plant or animal), or part of, or prepared substance designed to attract fish by the sense of taste or smell.

The changes are the result of an effort by anglers to clarify the legality of the use of scented doughs and other baits on delayed harvest waters.

See also this link to coverage of this issue and a call to action for anglers via our pals at the Southeast Fly Fishing Forum.
In other news from the same article the state is considering the additon of new delayed harvest trout waters around my home waters.
Other proposals would affect some streams in nine different mountain area counties. The towns of Spruce Pine and North Wilkesboro would have delayed-harvest trout waters within their city limits. This proposal would add 3.3 miles of new fishing opportunity. In the counties of Watauga and Wilkes, fishermen would gain new opportunities for catch-and-release/artificial lure trout fishing on parts of Dugger and Laurel Creek. Additional trout related proposals would reclassify or eliminate trout water designation from several other mountain streams.
Here is a link to the full text of the proposed regulation changes for 2008 as well as the schedule of the public hearings that will be held. Anglers should be sure to make their voices heard.

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