Thursday, December 20, 2007


A particularly nasty head cold and the complete meltdown of the housing industry as we know it, have had a real negative impact on the amount of time we have been able to devote to our beloved blog. To top it all off we found this article in the Windsor Star telling us that the Northern Snakehead continues to gain ground.

These things are just vicious," said Becky Cudmore, manager of the Centre of Expertise for Aquatic Risk Assessment in Burlington.
The snakehead has become a popular YouTube subject, with a National Geographic YouTube video added within the last month.

One look at that video shows why it would make a mess of the Great Lakes. One man on the video warns they can bite your entire hand off. A U.S. official warns they can decimate the aquatic food chain. And they could settle comfortably into Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair, which Cudmore says would be ideal habitats for the northern snakehead.

This is bad news for most anglers ....maybe not so bad for others.

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