Monday, December 10, 2007

A Developer's Guide

to quelling opposition and reaching new heights in profits By Kathryn Gray via

A few highlights.

2. Think "green", or at least think how to talk "green", even if in your heart of hearts you know that bulldozing hillsides, clear-cutting trees, dredging and damming lakes, and dewatering class one trout streams is, well, maybe not exactly any color remotely near green.

7. Mountains have lots of steep places that even you can't build on. Call this "open space" and encourage public groups to raise money to buy it from you. (Hint: if it's really, really steep, and maybe prone to avalanches, and the groups won't cough up the money, then give it to the county as "mitigation" for all the other bad things you're planning for the mountain.)

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