Monday, December 17, 2007

AEG Media: Fly Fishing Film Tour 2008

The trout bums from AEG Media have announced the schedule for their Fly Fishing Film Tour 2008 and we are pleased to say that it includes a stop in our home town of Charlotte, NC the day after our editorial birthday (March, 13th)! The tour will be crossing the United States so be sure to look for it to make a stop at a venue near you.
AEG Media is launching the 2008 film tour this winter. With an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign we are increasing the number of venues and plan to boost the number of attendees to over 50,000.
What can people expect to see at the Fly Fishing Film Tour?Films shot in extreme, exotic and distant locations; epic scenery, cutting edge music, and conservation pieces that are as entertaining to watch, as they are important; and of course gigantic fish on the end of a fly.
Our credo: “No stereotypical instructional programs.” PERIOD!The films we select to take on tour focus on action, adventure, excitement, humor, and lifestyle.
AEG Media is taking people on a journey to see what it takes to be truly committed to capturing fly fishing adventure on film.If you fly fish you are going to be blown away, if you don’t fly fish you are going to be inspired.

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