Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Links

A splitting headache kept me from getting part three of our holiday gift guide out last night so I thought I would point you to some of our fellow bloggers recent postings:

Those troublemakers over at the new Buster Wants to Fish blog have published a list of 25 of the "The most pathetic things a fly fisherman can do." They get only a small argument from us as to number 23.

23. Edit, author or contribute to a fly fishing “blog”

However, we hope that the flaming skull warrior we are painting on our personal pontoon boat will help offset our lameness. (see #22).

Our Moldy pals at the Chum bring us a fishing guide that probably stays booked up during most of the warm months.

Tom Chandler over at the Trout Underground shows that he cares for the water safety of swimsuit clad fisher women with his recent inflatable bikini post.

Peacock bass fishing Pete from Fishing Jones lets us know that Donald Trump Jr. is going to be hosting a fly fishing show. Reports are that anglers who do not cast properly will be "fired."

Hopefully the BC powders will kick in soon and I can get back to work on the 2007 gift guide.

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