Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ross Worldwide announces 6 weight Essence Fly Rod

Here at we are all about good quality, inexpensive fly fishing equipment. We feel that if our sport is to continue to grow, companies will have to come forth with products that offer exceptional value. After all, most novice fly anglers (and cheapskates like me) will rarely try a new sport that requires several hundred dollars worth of equipment from the start. Ross Worldwide was one of the first companies to realize this and do something about it with their Essence line of quality, affordable fly rods. Now we are pleased to see them introduce a 6 weight to the product line. Here is their press release:

Ross adds 6wt. to the Essence Series Fly Rods
Essence FS, Essence FC and Essence FW 690-4 Rods available January

Ross Worldwide is pleased to announce that we are expanding the Essence rod series with the addition of a 9 foot 6 weight model in each of the three series -FS, FC and FW. The new 6 weight models will be available January 1, 2008.

Ross Worldwide worked with Mel Krieger on the development of the Essence series rods. All three series are manufactured with a "Ross Exclusive" proprietary graphite design, resulting in rods that are smooth casting, sensitive and precise. The Essence series fly rods carry line effortlessly when casting in close, or reaching out to far away targets. All three series are powerful and sturdy, yet light enough to minimize fatigue with long days on the water.

The Essence series fly rods have been assigned graphite designations of R-1, R-2 and R-3 to highlight design differences. While the fundamentals of each series remain true to the design, a higher numbered R-Value indicates a slightly more progressive action. All three series are 4-piece rods that ship complete with a rod sock and rod case. The three Essence rod series are priced at just $99.00, $149.00 and $199.00. These fly rods will set a new standard for what an angler should expect from an affordably priced fly rod. For your money, there is not a better value on the market today!

Additional sizes in each Essence series will be available in spring 2008.

For more information about these new rod series, please contact the Ross factory at 970-249-1212 or visit the company online at

Ross designed these rods and their tapers with input from Mel Krieger. In our opinion this along with a choice of materials gives them a feel that rivals a more expensive rod. Ross extends the value of these rods by selling them as four piece rods and including a rod case and sock.

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