Monday, November 12, 2007

PANOPTX to Launch New Logo / Brand

From a recent press release from Flip Pallot and the folks at PANOPTX:

PLEASANTON, Calif. (October 31, 2007) -- Panoptx, a leader in high performance eyewear for outdoor, boating, fishing, general sports and snowsports enthusiasts announced today that, effective January 2008, it will launch a new logo, a stylized numeral 7 tied to a new brand 7EYE. Along with the new name comes an emphasis on targeting the next generation of consumers looking for performance combined with style that easily transitions from the rigors of outdoor activity to stylish everyday use. Products bearing the new logo will be available at retail beginning this January.

Explaining the rationale behind the new name, Panoptx President and CEO Bob Hall noted, “We wanted a name with instant recognition, a logo that would stand out, a domain name that people could spell, a name with youthful energy and attitude. We found that combination with the logo and brand.” To the question, “Why 7?,” Hall replied , “At 7EYE, we create eyewear that helps consumers see all seven colors in the spectrum of visible light. By helping people see the world in all its colors, we give them the freedom to do whatever they want to do better and in greater comfort. We loved the 7EYE logo the moment we saw it,” Hall added.

I am currently in the process of field testing a pair of their sunglasses and have so far been very impressed with their quality, comfort, and performance (a review is in the works).

PANOPTX first started making high quality sunglasses for motorcycle enthusiasts. Their glasses are designed with integrated eye cups and air dams that help prevent dry eyes and limit light leakage from the sides. This unique technology is something that easily translated into the world of the boater and fly fisher.

I can imagine that the spelling of their name without the assumed "i" in Optix has caused them substantial issues in the internet age in which we live.

Additional Info from the release:

The first Panoptx frames bearing the 7EYE logo are already being introduced as Seven Eye by Panoptx Limited Edition III series to the motorcycle market, where Panoptx is a leading brand. “The reception by dealers and consumers in this market has been exceptional, indicating that the future looks bright for 7EYE,” continued Hall.

“The introduction of 7EYE is the beginning of a new platform for product development,” notes Hall. “We have new eyecup technology and new frame designs due to roll out in 2008 that will clearly separate us in a very competitive market from the wanna-bes. We are creating a solid foundation for brand expansion and sales growth, and with new styles and new technology in the pipeline, 7EYE by Panoptx will fuel that growth.”

Link to the PANOPTX website.

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